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do you mind saying what the age gap between yourself and your love is? pondered Anonyme

24 years

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I'm so scared because I've stopped loving my boyfriend but he's the only one I have and he still loves me and I haven't even told him my feelings have changed. and I'm just sad all the time and I feel like I've completely given up on everything I don't know what I should do I feel like dying dying dying pondered Anonyme

awh baby it’s going to be ok, maybe you are just going through a bad phase? otherwise you should tell him, yeah he’s going to be sad, but you two need to talk about it and you can sort things out, it was getting really bad with my boyfriend and me at some point, i was the worst and i was doubting us but now i’m more in love than ever
and i feel the same so i don’t have anything good to say to you, i’m also waiting for an answer maybe it’s just a punch in my face that i need, i need to wake up

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I know you don't think so, but I think you are lovely. Everyone's body is different, & I know that you feel that yours isn't "sexy" (& since you've previously mentioned that you have a childlike body it can be confusing when someone finds it sexy--like do they actually think I'm beautiful or am I just their fetish? Which is a feeling i can relate to) But please believe me when I say that you are absolutely, genuinely beautiful & artistic & you aren't defined by your body. Love and hugs~ pondered Anonyme

you are way too kind, what a lovely person you are to actually take your time to talk to meβ™₯
I just don’t feel alright in my own skin, I’m ashamed of going out and scared of people seeing my face i’m the weakest and the biggest baby in the world!

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everyone is posting cute n sexy pics and i’m just crying being ugly and misshapen

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I'm using your art as an icon.. The bunny girl w her bunny. Idk if it's yours tbh but if it is I hope you don't mind!! X pondered Anonyme

if it’s tagged/mine on my blog, it’s mine. But ask moon-bug because she actually bought it and commissioned it :)