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idk i really wanna see your face because i feel you are beautiful and i want to confirm that you are but i also respect that you don't want to post pictures of yourself but rly you are nice and pretty and i want to touch you pondered Anonyme

who are you angel
if people realize how my face is really i’ll lose all my followers tbh
it’s kinda sad that people think i’m pretty when i’m not, but i don’t mind

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  1. byrotic a dit : wat? you look like a model in all of your pics…
  2. diekhead a dit : Actually your quite beautiful. I’m sure your boyfriend would agree.

that’s really nice, thank you, but i’m nothing like a model and far from beautiful, i have uneven ugly features and the worst body type :( i wish i could change ahh…

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i’m so ugly it’s problematic i won’t go anywhere in life because of that

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i’m off to italy tomorrow
i don’t think i’ll be able to get wifi so please don’t unfollow ;;

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hi it's girlbruised and i remade please follow me β™‘β™‘ pondered babyselk

of course ^ o ^
everyone follow this cutie!