une enfant πŸ‘»

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You said you don't have a teacher crush but there is a pic on insta that says for my teacher. I don't understand. You took the pic for him, wore the dress for him? pondered Anonyme

you guys take things too seriously

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Not sure if you've answered this already, but how old are you? pondered Anonyme

i did quite a lot, but i delete asks after a while to keep my blog ” “clean” “
i’m nineteen

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He's a very lucky man. I envy him sharing your life. I hope he makes you very happy. pondered Anonyme

I wonder who’s behind this message, I guess I’ll never know but i’m really curious who can envy such thing
he has a lot of patience to bear me ahah but he’s wonderful and I hope I’m making him happy

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How long have you been dating your boyfriend? pondered Anonyme

two years!

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I totally love your art and photography. It's quite unique pondered Anonyme

it means a lot, thank you for telling me

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I take it things are pretty serious with your boyfriend. pondered Anonyme


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Do you have a crush on a teacher? pondered Anonyme

not since 3 years
no but it feels amazing when they are too nervous to make eye contact with you, because you are to strange/unique to handle, i can be cruel
nobody can compare to my boyfriend

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where did u buy the black dress with short sleeves with a white collar?? xx pondered Anonyme

romwe, but i wouldn’t recommend it, they really suck with shipping and customer services